At Soluciones Nexo we believe that your web page can become the main work tool, which will allow you to increase sales and promote your business 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.




Institutional Websites are the most inexpensive way to get to know the Web and establish a new way of communicating with your customers. Its purpose may be to promote a small business, promote a product, efficiently display a small business, etc. Including photo galleries, videos and an interactive map. We always offer them with links to the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.) and a contact form that will allow your visitors to write a message from their own website as well as offer users several Communication alternatives.




They are ideal for those looking for a notorious and quality presence on the Internet. These pages are ideal for those looking to position themselves naturally in Google, designed with a clean code of errors, this makes our designs are friendly with search engines (*). Corporate Websites include contact form, interactive maps, videos, photo galleries, links to social networks, online chat, validation and many more options ...


* Through the application of technical processes we managed to position your website in the first places of Google as well as other search engines, with the aim of making your website more visible and thus generate greater traffic of potential buyers of the products or services that you offers.


Website Development e-commerce has become clearly a highlight among the most frequent services. It drives the activity of the page as well as gives impressive visibility to its image in the online market.