The most effective digital signage platform for managing digital communication circuits. ADVERTISING DESIGN, MANAGEMENT AND MANAGEMENT AND DIGITAL SIGNEL IN THE CLOUD.


Solution for Media Center that facilitates the reproduction of multimedia contents in TVs located in bars, restaurants, shops, terminals or where you want to do digital advertising in an agile and simple way.


Our product allows to organize the play list to choose in which equipment to show the content, directly from this web solution, allowing to modify them in the moment that is needed.


HIGH RELIABILITY The last update you make will be played on the screens in "offline" mode. The player will restart automatically as soon as the screen is turned on, even after a power failure.


EASY TO USE Most of the useful functions can be done in 2 or 3 clicks and the navigation is clear without any tutorial. No training is required, which is often provided by other services at an additional cost.


ONLINE SUPPORT 24/7 The Nexomedia customer support team will help you solve most problems in real time 24/7 through a special line within your personal account.


QUICK IMPLEMENTATION Implement your network of screens in a very short time using our our HDMI players. You do not need to worry about having your own servers or any additional costs.


ADAPTABLE PRICE Price is always important. That is why we have developed an open and flexible pricing system, trying to take into account all the possible needs of our customers.


ADD YOUR BULLETIN Do not hesitate to increase your network anytime you want. Simply update your plan and you can add the required number of screens immediately.